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News In Our Community...

Although not a native to Laguna Beach, Dr. Elli has jumped right into making it her work home. She feels very strongly that it is vital to stay active in the community and to support the local businesses to keep the local economy strong and thriving.


She likes to donate her time to nonprofit organizations with the hope of sharing her skills and knowledge to help promote good dental healthcare for everyone. She has a special place in her heart for children and animals, and will often be found making “Good Dental Health” presentations to local children’s organizations or assisting the local animal shelters and rescues with adoptions.


Please join her and her staff in helping to keep Laguna Beach a thriving community for generations to come!!!

Friendship Shipshelter 25th Anniversary



Fostering Self-Suficiency With a Smile


Golden rays set the place aglow. Bird melodies ride the breeze. It’s six in the morning, on a summery day. But peering in the mirror, your eyes zero in on an abysmal gap between yellowing front teeth, charred with murky stains and red angry canker sores raging...

She’s Expert at Brushing Away Dental Fears


Laguna Beach dentist Dr. Elli Abtahi and her staff visited both Boys & Girls Club locations in Laguna recently to demonstrate proper dental health care.

At each location, the dentist and her staff were met by 40 to 50 children, from preschoolers to sixth-graders, eager to...

Chili Cook Off & Pet Parade


Dr Elli and staff handing out cornbread and floss at the Laguna Beach Chili Cook Off and Pet Parade located at Tivoli Too!

Community Expo


Getting to know us! Dr. Elli and her staff at the Laguna Beach Community Expo. New friends are made and many questions answered about maintaining good dental health!

Back to School Supplies


Dr. Elli and her assistant, Dee Dee help give out donated back to school supplies.

Dental Health Presentation


Good Dental Health presentation at the Laguna Beach Montessori Preschool.

Some Local Business We Support...
Please help support our local animal shelters and rescues. Spay and neuter your pets and always consider the needs of your pet before your own!
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